Microsoft is trying to fix mouse-wheel scrolling on Chromium


1, 2020

One of the distinctive features of the EdgeHTML rendering engine was butter-smooth scrolling, both with your fingers and with the mouse scroll wheel.

The move to the Chromium rendering engine has meant switching to a much more abrupt type of scrolling, but Microsoft’s engineers are trying to fix it.

A new commit by Microsoft to the Chromium project is trying to port EdgeHTML’s mouse wheel scrolling to the open-source rendering engine.

It notes:

Add percent-based scrolling for Windows

This CL implements percent-based scrolling for Windows. This makes mousewheel initiated scrolls be interpreted as a percentage of the size of the intended scroller, instead of being translated directly into pixels. This is done as a part of the effort to port Edge-style scrolling into Chromium. The deltas reported by the wheel event are unchanged in order to maximize compatibility with the web.

This means each click of the wheel will result in a 1% change in the viewport rather than jumping a fixed number of pixels, which is likely to be much less smooth.

The commit has been accepted and could show up in all Chromium-based browsers in short order.

via WindowsLatest

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