Microsoft is training retail staff to pitch Windows 10 in a brilliant way

July 9, 2015


Windows 10 is set to be released later this month and Microsoft is doing its best to promote the operating system. The company has already released a couple of advertisements and email newsletters to promote Windows 10’s features. Now, recently, Microsoft updated its Expert Zone where retail staff can learn about Microsoft’s upcoming OS. To promote Windows 10 to consumers in a perfect way, Microsoft needs the retail staff to know about the OS’ features and benefits – which is why they’ve released some new training material to help the retail staff learn about the OS. Here are the training materials:





As you can see from the above images, Microsoft is clearly trying to focus on how the Windows 10 will be familiar to existing users – thanks to the return of the Start Menu. The company is also targeting power users by focusing on productivity and security features. Overall, I think the Windows 10 training materials for the retail staff is very good and provides retail professionals with all the info they need.

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Via: Neowin

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