Microsoft is taking on scam calls in India with help from blockchain and Azure

August 27, 2018

Spam calls are a worldwide scourge, but they afflict some countries differently than others.

Microsoft has partnered with Tech Mahindra to tackle scam calls in India using blockchain and the Microsoft Azure platform,

Rajesh Dhuddu, Global Practice Leader of Blockchain at Tech Mahindra, said in a statement.

Blockchain as a technology is a powerful tool to combat the issue of spam calls and fraud risks, to protect user information, as well as the integrity of the telecom secto.,

This Distributed Ledger Technology (commonly known as Blockchain)-based solution will enable enterprises to stop financial frauds and perpetration of misleading financial information by unregistered telecom marketers who rampantly use the SMS service of telcos.

Microsoft says that these technologies together will help companies control rampant unsolicited commercial calls o their networks, and will force compliance by telemarketers.

Source: Hindustan Times Via The Next Web

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