Microsoft is looking for 16 engineers to help finish off the Surface Duo

by Surur
May 21, 2020

There have been rumours that the Microsoft Surface Duo, the company’s folding Android smartphone, was more or less ready to ship, but it appears those rumours may have been premature, as Microsoft is currently in a hiring flurry trying to recruit engineers to help complete the device.

WindowsLatest has noticed a large number of job posts posted in the last 2 weeks for engineers to work on the product.

Those range from firmware and kernel driver software engineers to Program Managers to “Principal Telephony Architects.” As Microsoft notes, to launch a handset “It totally takes a village.”

Notably missing in the list are camera engineers, which somewhat confirms that optics will not be the main focus of the handset. A recent leak revealed that the device will only have one 11 megapixel internal camera.

While Microsoft has abandoned their Windows 10X Surface Neo project, the Surface Duo is still expected to hit the market this year, though these job posts suggest likely closer to the holiday season than not.

They can be seen here.

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