Microsoft is bringing back File Explorer tabs in Windows 11 


10, 2022

Microsoft appears to be bringing back File Explorer tabs to Windows, as they’ve suddenly appeared in the latest Windows 11 preview build. 

Despite the lack of announcement from Microsoft, the surprise of this additional feature is definitely cause for celebration considering that File Explorer tabs have been a hotly requested feature since their removal from Windows 10 in 2018, way back when the feature was called ‘Sets’.

As the name might suggest, File Explorer tabs will let you open up multiple folders in one window, which dramatically declutters your desktop when you’re doing some serious file management. 

Surprisingly, this feature wasn’t included within the patch notes for the freshly released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572, as instead it was spotted by Rafael Rivera on Twitter, however, this doesn’t mean the patch notes aren’t worth getting excited about as they herald the return of Windows Movie Maker. 

While Microsoft may have given Windows Movie Maker a fresh lick of paint and a new name, Clipchamp, there’s no disguising our favourite built-in editing software. 

As Microsoft describe in the patch notes, Clipchamp is equipped with the basic suite of editing tools to let you trim and split video while also adding transitions and animated text. Clipchamp also offers real-time content capture through built-in webcam and screen recorders too.

While Clipchamp and File Explorer tabs remain sequestered away in the Dev Channel for now, it’s believed that Microsoft could implement these features into the release build of Windows 11 in the second half of this year.

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