Microsoft improves Widgets feature in latest Windows 11 update

February 14, 2023
Windows 11

Microsoft keeps improving its Widgets feature on Windows 11 with its web experience pack updates. While major features are said to drop with Moment updates, minor improvements keep on appearing on Stable Windows 11 updates almost every month. The latest improvements to Widgets will enable more people to use the Widgets capability.

The latest Windows 11 web experience pack update has finally added the ability to use the Widgets panel without signing in. It was earlier possible only in Insider builds, but thanks to the latest web experience update, Stable Windows 11 users can also use it without signing in. Previously, Stable Windows 11 users needed to enable this feature via ViveTool.

The web experience pack update, rolled out to stable Windows 11 users recently, has version 423.3000.10.0. If you have already installed it, you should now be able to use it without the sign-in requirement. Last month, Microsoft added the ability to launch the full-screen Widget panel for Windows 11 Stable users via a Windows web experience pack update.

However,  you cannot add the Phone Link and Messenger widgets to the board if you are a Stable Windows 11 user. Additionally, it also rolled out the capability of adding the Phone Link widget experience to Windows 11, but they are currently limited to Insiders only. That said, it will not take long for them to come to stable Windows 11. Microsoft might as well bring these changes in future web experience pack updates.

If you are a Windows 11 user, how often do you use Widgets? What features do you want to see in Widgets in the future? Let us know your thoughts about the feature in the comments section.

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