Microsoft and Google now working together to help developers publish PWAs in the Play Store

Microsoft PWA Builder

PWABuilder is Microsoft’s developer tool that helps developers build PWAs and publish them in app stores. Bubblewrap is Google’s command line utility and library to generate and sign Google Play Store packages from Progressive Web Apps. Microsoft and Google are now working together to help developers publish high quality PWAs in the Google Play Store. As a result of this partnership, Microsoft and Google are announcing the following today.

  1. Web shortcuts support: PWAs packaged for Google Play via PWABuilder will now support the new web shortcuts standard.
  2. Advanced Android features & customization: PWABuilder now supports the full range of trusted web activity options that makes your PWA shine on Android devices. From PWABuilder, you can customize the appearance of the Android status bar and nav bar in your PWA, customize your Android splash screen, change your launcher name, use an existing signing key, utilize deeper push notification support, configure your package’s ID and versioning, fallback behavior and more.

Microsoft is also working with Google on Project Fugu to incubate new web platform features. You can learn more about the above new features from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft