Microsoft has announced Microsoft Game Stack, a developer-friendly bundle of existing Microsoft services to aid in game development.

Microsoft Game Stack has been designed to make developing games easier regardless of team size. Whether you’re a single-person indie developer or a giant AAA studio, Game Stack aims to help you achieve your game development goals.

Game Stack brings together services such as Azure, Xbox Live, Visual Studio, DirectX, Havok, App Center, and PlayFab.

While none of these services are new and have been previously available either separately or in their own bundles, they’re now available in a single, easier-to-use bundle that’s aimed at every type of game developer.

As we previously reported on, the cloud-based service Azure has already been utilised in Crackdown 3. Crackdown 3 uses Azure to ensure that its Wrecking Zone levels run as seamlessly as possible.

As Petri point out, developing games is becoming more and more complex as technology becomes more complicated with each new generation of games. Microsoft’s goal is to allow PlayFab and Azure do the ‘heavy lifting’ of backend functionality, meaning developers can focus on what really matters.

As of today, Microsoft is introducing PlayFab Matchmaking in public preview. This service simplifies matchmaking capabilities for multiplayer games. Private preview is receiving new tools that should speed up the process of adding voice chat, game analytics, user-generated content, and in-game notifications.

Overall, Microsoft hopes that Game Stack will enable developers to find less complex solutions to problems and have an easier time with the development process in general.

Source: Microsoft