Microsoft announces four new updates on WebView2

August 31, 2021
Microsoft WebView2

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Microsoft WebView2

WebView2 is Microsoft’s embedded web control, built on top of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. This enables developers to have access to the latest web tech in both existing and new apps. Microsoft today announced four new updates on WebView2:

  1. Windows App SDK – WebView2 Public Preview: WebView2 is now available in the Windows App SDK.
  2. WebView2 on WinUI2 (UWP) Public Preview: Based on the feedback from developers, Edge team worked with the WinUI team to backport the WebView2 control into WinUI2.
  3. Deployment of WebView2 Runtime:  The WebView2 Runtime will be inbox in Windows 11 machines. Applications like Microsoft Office have started to deploy the WebView2 Runtime in their applications. The WebView2 Runtime has been installed on over 200 million Windows devices.
  4. Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP) Helper: WebView2 CDP Extension will make it easier for .NET developers to utilize CDP APIs in their WebView2 application
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