Microsoft Edge WebView2 is now production ready

October 19, 2020
Microsoft WebView2

Microsoft WebView2

Microsoft today announced the general availability of Edge WebView2 for Win32 C/C++. With this Edge WebView2 release, developers can use it in production-ready Win32 C/C++ application, and they are supported across existing Windows versions. Microsoft also announced that .NET and WinUI 3 general availability are coming soon.

What is WebView2?

WebView2 is Microsoft’s new embedded web control, built on top of Microsoft Edge (Chromium). This means that as a Windows app developer you will now have access to the latest web tech in both existing and new apps. WebView2 lets you combine the ease and agility of developing for the web with the power of building a native desktop application.

In the future, with each major version Microsoft Edge Stable browser update, Microsoft is planning to release an updated WebView2 SDK with new APIs.

Source: Microsoft

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