Microsoft Flow app for iOS updated with iPhone X support and more

Microsoft has now released an update for the Flow app for iOS to support iPhone X. This update also includes improvements with buttons triggered from mobile devices. For example, when you use an image as an input for a button, you don’t have to wait in the app for the image to be uploaded.

Microsoft has also made several improvements to the Flow service. You can now read SharePoint Lists data. You can get a few different properties for each column: Label, Path, TermGuid, Value and WssId. You can also now append items to array variables. It can be used inside an Apply to each, where you can continue adding new items into the array each time the loop runs.

Flow now comes with Tago connector as well. Tago provides easy connection of electronic devices with external data to drive smarter decisions using contextual analysis.

Download the updated Flow app here from App Store.