‘Tis the season to be jolly, but ’tis also the season to fly rad planes far too close to your spiteful neighbor’s house. With the newest update to Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’ll be able to do that in virtual reality, and with real-time snow. 

Following the news that Asobo Studios’ Microsoft Flight Simulator is the fastest growing entry in the 38 year old series, Flight Sim head Jorg Neumann revealed that there are multiple new additions to the game just in time for Christmas.

Launching on December 22nd, Microsoft Flight Simulator VR support will finally be available for all players. As a highly requested feature, players will now be able to be fully immersed within Asobo Studios’ fantastic 1:1 recreation of Earth and the cockpits of their meticulously detailed aircraft.

For those who who’ll be undoubtedly disappointed at the lack of a snowy Christmas in their local area, Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new real-time snow and ice coverage across its entire would will perfectly replicate that disappointment in your game. However, you’ll also be able to take your plane anywhere else in the world to replicate that perfect snowy Christmas.

Just to top it off, all players will also receive free liveries for the entire launch plane fleet. These include a Flight Sim livery and the liveries used by Rufus and Sam, the Microsoft dogs that took out Master Chief with a grenade.

While console players will not be able to experience the wonders of this truly fantastic flight simulator game this holiday, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players will be about to finally take to the skies next Summer with the upcoming console release.

Unfortunately, it does appear that Xbox One players are out of luck with the upcoming console release as Microsoft has not announced a release date for their last-gen hardware.