Microsoft Flight Simulator UK and Ireland update is out now

February 16, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator UK and Ireland update

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Asobo Studios has released their UK and Ireland World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator players will be able to experience an overhauled virtual recreation of the United Kingdom and Ireland with this just released free update.

The new update brings “3D photogrammetry for the renowned cities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, London and Oxford, five new meticulously hand-crafted airports (Barra, Liverpool, Land’s End, Manchester-Barton and Out Skerries), visual and logistical improvements to 85 more area airports, and improved digital elevation information across the U.K.”

The United Kingdom will now look far closer to the actual UK in this update as Asobo Studios has added more region specific building types for the landscape. Players can also look at over 70 custom landmarks that have been added into the game.

Check out the trailer or something:

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