Microsoft fixes Outlook issues in recent Current channel release

August 9, 2023

Microsoft fixes Outlook issues as the company has just recently released a new update for the latest version of its 365 (Office) productivity apps, v. 2307. Billed as Build 16626.20170, this batch of updates includes security patches and performance fixes for both Outlook and Excel.

As we’ve spotted from the update’s release note in the Current channel, one of the most notable issues fixed in this release is an issue that caused Outlook to fail to show Top Search Results in some views. This issue was causing some users to have difficulty finding the emails they were looking for.

Another issue fixed in this release is an issue where Microsoft 365 links failed to launch properly. This issue was causing some users to have difficulty opening links to Microsoft 365 resources, such as Teams meetings and Planner tasks.

Finally, this release also fixes an issue that caused users to receive errors about having too many Actionable Messages open more frequently than expected. 

Besides these small fixes on Outlook, Microsoft also rolled out a fix on Excel where certain macros used for updating charts caused Excel to close unexpectedly. 

Previously, the Redmond-based tech giant also launched a feature that lets you insert and play videos from Microsoft Stream on Words, and it’s a testament to how they always revamp their users’ experiences in these apps. 

If you’re not familiar, there are a few channels for 365 productivity apps where Microsoft test out their fixes. The Current channel is where most organizations are at, as it provides users with the latest features as soon as Microsoft releases them monthly. Both security and non-security updates.

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