Pretty much all electronic devices get hot when you push them to perform some heavy tasks and while it’s something that can’t be avoided, there is room for improvement.

In a new patent, Microsoft has described a thermal control system designed to mitigate the excessive heating on devices like gaming console, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. As first spotted by WindowsLatest, the patented thermal control system includes a controller configured to obtain the first measure of a power load, apply a filter to obtain a first filtered power load value, and set a first thermal setpoint based at least on the first filtered power load value. The system will then go on to obtain a second measure of the power load at a different time.

“The method comprising determining a measure of a power load of the device, determining an adjustment to make to a cooling mechanism control variable by computationally combining at least a setpoint-dependent term that is based on a comparison of a thermal setpoint to a current temperature and a setpoint-independent term that is based on the measure of the power load of the device, and adjusting the response of the cooling mechanism based on the adjustment determined,” Microsoft explains.

Long story short, the thermal system is basically a cooling system that will regulate the temperature of the device, thereby reducing the chances of components getting damaged by overheating.