Microsoft expands Cortana in Microsoft Teams to four new countries


1, 2021

Microsoft Teams

Along with the details about the new Cortana experience coming to Outlook for iOS users, Microsoft today announced that Cortana in Teams feature is expanding to Australia, Canada, U.K., and India. With Cortana integration in Teams, you can make a call, join a meeting, send chat messages, share files, and more using your voice.

Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Search in Teams and Office mobile is adding support for natural language queries in English in the U.S. You can type phrases in the search box or tap on the mic to ask Cortana to find messages, chats, meetings, people, files, and more in Teams. For example, you can ask Cortana to “Find the Marketing deck from last month” or “Search for messages from Megan.”

You can also easily find files using natural language in the Office mobile app. These updates will roll out first in English to customers in the United States for Office for Android in the coming weeks, followed by Office for iOS.

Microsoft today announced the new Microsoft Lens integration in Teams app.

With Microsoft Lens built into Teams, you will be able to record a short video, annotate it with text, emojis, do basic editing, and add live filters. In real-time, add your thoughts about what you’re capturing with video from Teams and share it immediately with your colleagues.

This feature will be available by the end of this quarter.

Source: Microsoft

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