[US only] Microsoft expands “10 Days of 10 Cent” deals, adds one more day


Microsoft recently announced its 10 Days of 10 Cents Deals for Windows 10 users in…you guessed it: United States. The company today announced that 10 Days of 10 Cents deals were pretty successful, the company stated:

Since the promotion kick-off 10 days ago, we’ve seen on average a 10 times daily increase in customers who make a purchase and a 29 times increase in the purchase of apps, games, movies and music from the Windows Store, as compared to performance a week prior to the promotion. In addition, during the promotion over 75% of deal purchasers were new to the Windows Store.

The company is celebrating the success with one extra day for the deals. The company is offering the following products for only 10 cents in the Windows Store for users in the United States:

Movie rentals