Microsoft Edge’s version numbers gets explained

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With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a handful of new features and improvements, including Cortana and Microsoft Edge. The company’s latest browser, Edge introduces a new user interface, Cortana integration, and packs a new rendering engine dubbed as EdgeHTML. Today, the software giant explained the version numbers for Microsoft Edge and EdgeHTML in a blog post.

Microsoft Edge’s Program Manager, Kyle Pflug, explained that Microsoft Edge (the app) and EdgeHTML are two different things — Edge is the actual browser, while EdgeHTML is the rendering engine which processes and renders the elements on a website. As you may have already guessed, both of them have different version numbers, which may cause some websites to break if they are relying on the rendering engine’s (EdgeHTML) version number instead of the actual browser’s version number.


As EdgeHTML’s version number on the user-agent string will keep changing quite a lot, Microsoft requested web developers to not rely on EdgeHTML’s version numbers. Instead, the company wants developers to rely on Microsoft Edge’s version number.  For those wondering, Microsoft will be providing the version number for EdgeHTML on Microsoft Edge’s Setting pane in the upcoming builds soon.

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