Microsoft Edge for Android will now help you with shopping


28, 2019

Microsoft recently rolled out native support for Honey extension in the Edge browser for Android users. The extension helped users find and apply discount voucher codes on over 40,000 most requested sites.

Now, in an attempt to give a major boost to the shopping experience in the Edge browser, Microsoft has launched a new feature called Shopping on Edge Mobile. The feature essentially helps you explore curated products, find nearby stores, coupons and more. The feature, however, is available only in the USA.

You’ll see the shopping icon on the Edge welcome screen on your smartphone. Clicking on the icon will take you to a page where you’ll get to explore curated products, deals, nearby stores, and more.

In related news, Microsoft is in the process of introducing a new hub menu to the Edge browser for Android. Clicking on this new menu will give you access to history, favorites, settings and other important things such as incognito mode, voice search, etc. The feature is currently in the A/B testing phase.

You can download and install Microsoft Edge on your Android smartphone from this link, or you can get it Google Play Store.

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