Microsoft is in the process of introducing a new hub menu to the Edge browser for Android. By clicking on this new menu, you will be able to get access to history, favorites, settings and other important things such as incognito mode, voice search, etc.

The “Continue on PC” icon is now gone and replacing the icons is the new hub menu, so now with the new design, you’ll need to first tap on the new menu, under which you’ll have the option to send webpages from your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 PC.

The feature is currently in the A/B testing phase, meaning that Microsoft has rolled out the menu only to a few beta testers. It’ll be rolled out to every beta testers in the coming days, the new menu will eventually be available to every Edge user on Android once it becomes ready for the public roll-out.

Since the iOS counterpart of the Edge browser shares a similar design to the Edge for Android, we expect Microsoft to bring the new hub menu to the Edge iOS app as well. However, the A/B testing appears to be limited to the Android demographic at this moment.