Microsoft Edge gets full-screen video, InPrivate mode support, and more on Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136

June 18, 2015


Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136 yesterday, which includes a handful of new features and improvements. As expected, the latest build introduces some new improvements for Microsoft Edge aka Project Spartan. On Build 10136, Microsoft Edge has a dark theme which looks pretty hot.

Alongside the dark theme, the latest update also introduces full-screen video support and InPrivate mode support. The update also marks sites with HTTPS:// support with a badge on Build 10136. Here’s the changelog:

  • Full-screen video is now supported
  • InPrivate mode is now supported
  • Secure sites are now marked with a badge
  • Internet Explorer has been removed

Few weeks ago, Microsoft confirmed that Internet Explorer will not be available on Windows 10 Mobile. With Build 10136, Internet Explorer gets removed from Windows 10 Mobile – and you can no longer use it. Obviously, this isn’t a surprising change as Microsoft wants its users to use Microsoft Edge which includes a handful of new improvements when compared to Internet Explorer. For those wondering, Internet Explorer won’t be removed from Windows 10 for desktops, however, it’ll be available on Windows Accessories – making it a bit hard for regular users to find it.

Nonetheless, what do you think of the latest features on Microsoft Edge? Discuss in the comment section below!

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