Microsoft Edge gets Brotli compression in latest Windows 10 Insider Preview

With the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft will be introducing Brotli compression in Microsoft Edge along with a handful of other features. The company has added Brotli compression to Microsoft Edge’s browser engine, EdgeHTML with the latest Insider Preview release, build 14986. Therefore, if you are in the Windows Insider program running the latest Insider preview builds, you will be able to try out Brotli compression right away.

According to Microsoft, Brotli compression essentially makes page loading times on Edge a lot faster. The company stated that Brotli can speed up compression by up to 20% when used the HTTP content-encoding method. “This ultimately results in substantially reduced page weight for users, improving load times without substantially impacting client-side CPU costs. As compared to existing algorithms, like Deflate, decompression with Brotli is much less expensive without sacrificing compression ratios,” the firm stated in a blog post.

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