Microsoft has been constantly improving Edge to ensure it stays ahead of the competition. Just this week, Microsoft announced a couple of cool features for the browser and now the company has silently added another important feature to Microsoft Edge Canary.

With the latest Edge v83.0.471.0 or above, users will be able to set custom images as the New Tab Page background. The feature was recently added to the browser and will allow users to pick their favourite image as the browser New Tab Page background. To set a custom image as the background, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Open a new tab on Edge Canary
  • Go to New tab settings>custom and select “Your own image” under the background option.
  • Now click upload and select the image you want to set as a background.

The feature is currently available for Microsoft Edge Canary but we expect it to roll out to other Insider Channels soon. Microsoft has cancelled the Edge v82 release so we expect Microsoft to add this to v83 of Chromium-based Edge.

Via Techdows