The new Microsoft Edge Add-ons website is now available to all users

June 16, 2020

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Edge add-ons

Microsoft today announced that the redesigned Edge Add-ons website is now available to all users. This redesign comes with improvements around discovery and usability.

First, the Edge Add-ons website now has a curated homepage with several new collections. On the top of the page, you have got Editor’s picks highlighting high quality add-ons.

Second, the redesigned search page now offers more insights into the search results and also comes with significantly improved navigation.
Emphasis on first-time users

Third, to offer better experience for first-time extension users, Microsoft has introduced new improvements to the store as well as the extensions manager page in the browser for increased hand holding.

Fourth, Microsoft has significantly improved accessibility for the website with support for high contrast and narrator.

You can check-out the Edge Add-ons website here.

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