Microsoft DT-904 wireless charger pass through Bluetooth SIG and FCC, may go on sale soon

Microsoft DT-904

With the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL Microsoft also announced an updated version of the Microsoft DT-904 Qi wireless charger, which features a built-in notification system based on Bluetooth low Energy and a built-in LED light which gives the device a soft glow and informs users of missed calls, messages and low battery.

Microsoft’s pitch for the accessory notes:

  • Life is easier with a wireless charger. And when convenience meets style, buying one is an easy decision. With a slim profile, rounded edges, and a glowing notification light, the Microsoft Wireless Charger is a beautiful addition to your home or office
  • Pair a Bluetooth Low Energy enabled Lumia with a Microsoft Wireless Charger, and when your battery is low, a soft light will ‘breathe’ from beneath the charging plate to remind you to power up. The notification light can also be set up to glow for missed calls and messages.
  • The Microsoft Wireless Charger uses the Qi charging standard. This means it works with a wide range of devices and it can be powered by a USB port. Take it with you, plug it into a USB port, and enjoy quick and easy charging wherever you are.

The accessory is essentially the same as the DT-903, but presumably adds support for fast charging on the new generation of handsets.

The accessory has not gone on sale yet, and it may be that this is due to Microsoft not having fully certified it.

Now the Bluetooth SIG certification and FCC certification for the accessory has been published, seemingly opening up the way for Microsoft to start listing in in their stores.

Are any of our readers planning to pick up this high end accessory (which tends to cost around £50, $80)? Let us know below.