Microsoft Display Dock will have updatable firmware (updated with screen shots)


Up till now I have imagined Microsoft’s Continuum for Phones Display Dock as a simple hub that worked simply as an adaptor, with all the smarts in the Windows 10 phone.

Now however a FAQ on Microsoft’s website revealed that there will be a Gadget app for Windows 10 Mobile which would allow users to push out software updates to their display dock.

Microsoft writes:


Of course with no network connectivity there is only so much the dock can do, but this does open up the possibility of incompatible displays and accessories being fixed in the future and hopefully other more creative improvements.

For those who are unaware, the Gadgets app will b e the place where Windows 10 Mobile users will be able to manage all the devices (keyboards, mouse, speakers, etc.) connected to their phone. The app is quite useful, too — for example, it is able to automatically open any app when you connect a specific device. Here are some screenshots of the app:

The page can be seen at Microsoft here.