Microsoft Details New Features Included In The IE Preview Build In Windows 10 Build 9879

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft is rolling out a new Windows 10 preview build with significant Internet Explorer interoperability updates. IE team detailed the changes included in IE which includes over 2000 fixes for interoperability issues, support for 19 new platform features, and new architecture for advancing interoperability and compatibility.

Find the list of new features below,

  • Edge Document Mode: The cornerstone of this update to IE is the “Edge” mode platform—a new document mode designed with interoperability at its core. With this mode, we’re applying the highly successful interoperability strategy of Windows Phone 8.1 Update to Windows 10.

    As we announced in August 2013, we are deprecating document modes as of IE11. With our latest platform updates, the need for legacy document modes is primarily limited to Enterprise legacy web apps. With new architectural changes, these legacy document modes will be isolated from changes in the “living” Edge mode, which will help to guarantee a much higher level of compatibility for customers who depend on those modes and help us move even faster on improvements in Edge. The next major version of IE will still honor document modes served by intranet sites, sites on the Compatibility View list, and when used with Enterprise Mode only.

  • CSS Preserve-3D – A popular developer request, this feature enables CSS transforms on multiple elements to be composed as a part of a 3D scene rather than flattened together.
  • Content Security Policy 1.0 – CSP is the next step forward since HTML5 Sandbox in preventing cross-site scripting. Pages provide a policy via the Content-Security-Policy header. This policy defines the origins from which resources on the page (JS, CSS, plugins, images, etc) are allowed to be loaded. This adds a defense-in-depth mechanism for preventing malicious content from being injected into the page. Resources blocked by CSP are reported through F12 tools and, optionally, as a report back to the server.
  • Gamepad API – First previewed earlier this year, Gamepad API is now in the preview for Windows 10. Plug in an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller and check out our demo code on GitHub.

    WAV Audio – This audio format uses PCM audio for lossless quality. With this release, WAV is supported in the <audio> element and will eventually be supported with Web Audio in a future release.

    Selection API– We’ve improved our interoperability for the Selection object by implementing APIs like Selection.extend(), containsNode(),and setBaseAndExtent(). We have also helped get the W3C Selection API specification to First Public Working Draft and ensured it covers all of these interoperable APIs.

  • ECMAScript 6 Features – New language features from the latest ES6 “Harmony” draft specification:

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