Microsoft Details More New Features In Windows 8 Storage Platform

Few days back Microsoft detailed few improvements coming to Windows 8 storage platform. You can find it here. Today Microsoft revealed more new features that are coming to Windows 8.

From Building Windows 8 blog,

Data Deduplication – Windows Server 8 implements state of the art (sub-file) data chunking and compression to deliver optimal data deduplication, and thereby maximize storage capacity utilization for a variety of workloads.

Windows Storage Management API – a comprehensive and extensible WMI v2 based storage management API enables easier “single point” administration and management of heterogeneous storage infrastructure (including Storage Spaces).

Offloaded Data Transfer – joint innovation with major external storage array vendors has resulted in Windows Server 8 providing an incredibly efficient mechanism to perform cross-application and cross-machine data transfers.

Awareness and utilization of thinly provisioned disks – beginning with Windows Server 8, NTFS identifies thinly provisioned disks and enables transparent capacity reclamation (e.g. when files are deleted) for better capacity utilization.

Storage Optimizer – Periodically, without any user intervention, a storage optimizer task completes maintenance activities including intelligent compaction of file system allocation to enable capacity reclamation on thinly provisioned disks (including on thinly provisioned spaces).

You can read more on this here.