Microsoft creating a Mobile Gaming Studio for Windows Phone 7 games

by Surur
June 12, 2010

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Mobile Gaming from Microsoft Game Studios coming Not content any longer to leave gaming support for its new mobile OS up to chance, Microsoft is planning to create a Mobile Gaming division of their Microsoft Games Studios.

Planning to use the division to create “industry leading products that showcase our Windows Phone platform” and “help realize Microsoft’s connected entertainment vision”, the unit is planned to serve as a “Center of Excellence for Mobile Games”. Pretty ambitious talk there.

Read more of the job posting below

Microsoft Games Studios is establishing a new Studio – MGS Mobile Gaming – focused on bringing games and entertainment to the mobile life that people lead. Our vision is to deliver games and entertainment so good that people will want them always with them, on a service that makes them social, connected and relevant anywhere their life goes. The Mobile Gaming team is building industry leading products that showcase our Windows Phone platform as well as emerging mobile platforms, and will help realize Microsoft’s connected entertainment vision. The Mobile Gaming studio will be the hub for MGS franchises and titles on mobile devices and a center of excellence for mobile games.

MGS Mobile Gaming will support first party development, evangelize mobile gaming across MGS, and drive technical platform and service requests back to the parent organization and other business units in phone development. In addition, as the Center of Excellence for Mobile Games, the studio will develop showcase internal mobile games and entertainment experiences, while acting as the technical hub and spearhead for mobile game technology.

I feel the above move indicated that Microsoft is throwing much of the weight of the company behind their new Mobile platform, which really could not happen soon enough.  Do our readers agree?


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