Microsoft announces Copilot Lab during the Surface 2023 event, but what is it?

September 21, 2023

Is Copilot the best AI companion out there? Help us find out by answering a couple of quick questions!

Microsoft just brought a lot of exciting news during the Surface 2023 event today. Besides announcing the general release date for the AI assistant Copilot, Redmond officials also announced the launch of Copilot Lab.

Copilot Lab is a new feature that will teach you how to work with AI – you can learn how to write prompts and share them with others. Take a look at the demo video below:

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“Just as customers turned to Microsoft in the shift to remote and flexible work, they are relying on us to help people build new work habits for a new AI-powered era of productivity,” said Microsoft in the official announcement. “And we want to help.”

Copilot Lab is currently in private preview but will be generally available soon and integrated into Microsoft 365 Copilot. It will also be accessible via a website to all Microsoft 365 Copilot users – which will begin its rollout to enterprise customers on November 1.

In case you missed it, Microsoft announced a number of new features and devices at its recent event, including two new Surface laptops, the Laptop Go 3 and the Laptop Studio 2.


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