Microsoft confirms Double-Tap to Wake coming to “devices that support this feature”


21, 2016

double tap confirmed

Microsoft has been teasing it, and we have heard that they are already working on it, but now we have had our first official confirmation that Microsoft is bringing Double-Tap to Wake to Windows 10 Mobile handsets.

On the Feeedback Hub (now accessible to everyone) Microsoft Engineer Goran P said:

“Thank you for your feedback! We are aware of this issue. We are working on adding the support for double tap to wake for devices that support this feature.”

Double-tap to wake is of course a very desirable feature, as it essentially turns your whole screen into a massive On button, meaning you do not have to reach to the sometimes awkwardly placed power button. Hopefully there will not be any surprises in store regarding which Windows 10 Mobile devices will actually support the feature.

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