Microsoft commits to make Remote Desktop a UWA with Continuum support

remote desktop

Remote Desktop is one of the major use cases for Continuum for Windows phones, allowing users to access the full power of a desktop without the Windows Store limitations with a user interface for the app well adapted to the big screen.

Unfortunately Microsoft’s official Remote Desktop app is not yet a Universal Windows App, but in the Microsoft Answers forum a Continuum team member has revealed such as app will be arriving imminently in Preview form.

He writes:

The Continuum Team is eager to hear Insider feedback as we consider future plans for Continuum for phone.  As such, we’re posting a series of questions to gather insight to help tailor the ongoing design efforts.

Question #2:  How will you use Remote Desktop with Continuum for phone?

We’ve heard a lot of buzz around being able to connect to a remote desktop from Continuum for phone.  We are excited to share that the Remote Desktop Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app will be released very soon in Technical Preview.

We are very interested in hearing more from remote desktop users to help prioritize investments in this much-requested app.

How do you intend to use it on Continuum for phone?  What apps will you run and what tasks will you do? In what environments or scenarios will you use it?

Thank you in advance!

-Continuum Team

In some ways it feels Microsoft has released Continuum without a clear use case in mind, but fortunately the technology has such potential I can see this developing well over time.

Have our 950 and 950 XL-using readers find a use for Continuum for Phones yet? Let us know below.