Microsoft Clipchamp enterprise rolling out gradually

August 1, 2023

Microsoft Clipchamp enterprise has now finally been released for commercial users. As Microsoft said in the official blog, the launch will be completed through the Targeted release program in the coming weeks. 

“With powerful features in a user-friendly interface accessed through a web browser, Clipchamp makes it easy for anyone to confidently create professional-looking videos with no prior experience,” says Redmond’s general manager for Microsoft 365, Stefan Kinnestrand. 

Starting at the end of August, users or tenants who have opted-in to the Targeted release will be the first production users to see Clipchamp in their Microsoft 365 accounts. IT admins can review the Set up the Standard or Targeted release options to opt-in to Clipchamp for their organization when it becomes available in the coming weeks.

The million-dollar question is, what can you do with Microsoft Clipchamp? 

Well, thanks to its user-friendly interface, the video editing platform offers a wide range of features, including drag-and-drop editing, multitrack timeline, a variety of video effects and transitions, recording from your webcam or screen, and importing videos and images from your computer or the cloud.

If you remember, Windows Movie Maker was a popular video editing app for Windows in the early days, but it was discontinued with Windows 10. Then, Microsoft later acquired Clipchamp and made it a pre-installed app in Windows 11. Some people criticized Clipchamp for being “underbaked” and “overly pricey” at the time, but will the Microsoft Clipchamp enterprise version head in the right direction? We shall see.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft Clipchamp enterprise finally rolling out for commercial users? Will you take this app out for a spin? Let us know in the comments!

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