Microsoft acquires Clipchamp cloud video editor

by Surur
September 7, 2021
Microsoft Clipchamp

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Clipchamp, an in-browser video creation and editing experience which combine the simplicity of a web app with the ability to process video using the full computing power of a PC with graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration, something that was formerly limited to traditional video applications.

Clipchamp’s template-driven, task-focused user experience gives everyone the confidence that they can create. Its rich library of filters, styles, transitions, and stock media combined with the power of a multi-track audio and video compositing editor gives everyone the fine control they need, and artistic help if they need it, to create exactly what they want, quickly and with confidence. Once you finish your story, Clipchamp helps you share it since it’s built for social media, offering output styles and aspect ratios for all the popular social networks.

Microsoft intends for the tool to become part of Microsoft 365. The company says small business owners, marketers, influencers, students, educators, families, and information workers of all types need the capability to make great videos with minimal effort, and whether it’s a 10-second social media ad, a 2-minute pitch for a product, or a 20-minute instructional video, Clipchamp and Microsoft will provide the tools and experience you need.

The terms of the deal were not released.

Clipchamp has more than 17 million registered users. Check out their tool here.

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