Microsoft claims 900 million active Windows 10 users

by Surur
May 9, 2019

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Only in March 2019, Microsoft claimed 800 million active Windows 10, but it seems some news may have slipped past the media at Build 2019, as at the event Microsoft has been touting a much more impressive number.

The slide notes there are 900+ million active devices running Windows 10, and that most PCs are or will soon be on Windows 10.

The slide appears to be touting the enterprise benefits of Windows 10, with the number apparently based on Forrester Research rather than Microsoft’s own telemetry.

Of course, there is some support for the number, with Netmarketshare showing a clear separation between Windows 7 and Windows 10 now.

For now, even though Microsoft endorsed the number by displaying it at their conference, we should likely not treat it as official yet, but it does seem there is now increasing momentum in the move to Windows 10, and it looks like Microsoft will make its billion device target after all, if a year delayed.

Update: The number is apparently a typo according to Microsoft employee Matteo Pagani, which has now been corrected.

Via Ginny Caughey

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