Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gets $18.3M in pay, includes 120 percent of his eligible cash bonus

Satya Nadella Dreamforce

Microsoft’s Compensation Committee has revealed the pay for CEO Satya Nadella for their fiscal year 2015. He was awarded $4,320,000 as an incentive, which was 120% of his target award.

Having addressed our stock ownership objectives for Mr. Nadella in connection with his appointment as our CEO, the compensation actions and decisions for the Named Executives for their fiscal year 2015 performance reflected a more typical fiscal year, with the taking these actions under the 2015 pay program:

? Cash Incentive: Made cash awards for fiscal year 2015 to Mr. Nadella in an amount that represented 120% of his target annual cash award, and to the other Named Executives in amounts ranging from 100% to 130% of their target annual cash awards;
? Stock Incentive: Granted stock awards that vest in four equal annual installments, to Mr. Nadella with a grant date fair value of $12,761,263, and to the other Named Executives in amounts with grant date fair values ranging from $4,833,835 to $9,184,243;

For fiscal year 2015, the Compensation Committee recommended, and the independent members of our Board of Directors approved, an Incentive Plan cash award of $4,320,000 for Mr. Nadella, which was 120% of his target award. In reaching this decision, the independent members of our Board of Directors considered Mr. Nadella’s performance against his core priorities and the financial and operational performance of Microsoft. His base salary was not changed for fiscal year 2016 consistent with our Board’s intention when he was promoted to CEO in February 2014.

“In fiscal year 2015, operating income and earnings per share declined, while consistent progress was made in building future growth opportunities. Mr. Nadella provided strong, consistent vision and execution on our mobile-first and cloud-first strategy, continued to effectively guide the transformation of the Company’s culture and he effectively represented the Company with customers, partners, investors and employees.”