Microsoft acknowledge a bug preventing Teams users from accessing Whiteboard in Europe

If you’re experiencing issues with Microsoft Whiteboard integration in Teams then you’re not alone. The company has now confirmed that a bug is stopping Teams users in Europe from accessing Microsoft Whiteboard.

The company published an update on the Microsoft Answers Forum (via OnMSFT) acknowledging the issue. The company didn’t reveal what is causing the problem but is working on fixing it as soon as possible.

Hi All,

I have done a test to use a tenant account from Europe to open the MS Teams whiteboard and get the same error.

We found this is a known issue for European tenants. As Whiteboard stores newly created boards in different locations depending on the country and the GDPR, Whiteboard data of these tenants is located in Europe but Whiteboard does not have a precise location and is stored on various data centers in Europe and this is why the feature is currently disabled.

Microsoft is working on a workaround as this feature is very important for all O365 clients worldwide, especially now with the COVID19 crisis and I guess that an alternative should be developed very soon.

If you’re someone who has been affected by the issue then you might have to look for an alternative as there’s no workaround available at the moment. We do hope that Microsoft fixes the issue soon as many companies around the world are relying on Teams to get their work done.

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