Microsoft brings MSN Games to the Edge browser to help while away your lunch break

by Surur
December 28, 2021

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One of the big reasons why Solitaire is the most played game on the world is because it is bundled with Windows, and it can be played safely in the office. One of the major reasons why Edge has any market share is that many offices mandate only the use of Edge and block the installation of other browsers. One of the reasons why MSN News is one of the biggest news sources is that is is built into the New Tab Page in Edge.

Now Microsoft has combined all three of these funnels by bringing MSN Games to the Edge browser.

Discovered by Leo Varela, you can now add a Games button to the address bar which will open up a side panel offering MSN Games, including Solitaire.

This means bored office workers will now have access to a wealth of games, and are very likely to play them, likely to the frustration of IT staff.

The toggle to enable this is in the Appearance section of the Settings is in the latest Edge Canary, but not available for everyone yet, as it appears to be part of a controlled rollout.

What do our readers think of this latest move? Let us know below.

via Neowin

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