Microsoft Bing Shopping now allows you to track price drops and get notified

May 26, 2020
Microsoft Bing

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Bing shopping

Due to the COVID-19 situation around the world, online shopping has increased significantly over the past few months. Microsoft Bing Shopping saw more than a 40% increase in its shopping volume in last two months. Today, Microsoft highlighted some new features that were added recently to Bing Shopping experience.

Trace price drops and get notified:

Bing Shopping allows you to track the price of the products found online. Bing will also notify you through email and browser notifications when there is a price drop for the product. The tracker also scouts through multiple sellers in Bing platform to get you the lowest price.

Get coupon codes:

Instead of visiting multiple websites to find a coupon code, you can now use Bing. Bing now displays instant coupon codes from a variety of websites at the top of the page.

Access latest store flyers:

Physical retail stores promote new deals through flyers. Instead of visiting the retail stores to get access to the flyers, you can now use Bing to see the top deals in the store flyers. Bing has 150 popular stores covered, you can visit here for weekly updates.

Earn Microsoft Rewards:

You can get rewards as you search on Bing. You can redeem the points for discounts or credit at various retail outlets or use the new Give with Bing option to give to a cause.

Source: Microsoft Bing

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