Microsoft Bing Maps is switching to TomTom for base map data


Bing Maps Platform is powered by multiple data providers including HERE, TomTom and OpenStreetMaps.

Back in 2016, TomTom first announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring enterprise-grade location-based services to Azure, based on TomTom’s maps, traffic and navigation software. Last year, Microsoft announced an expanded partnership with TomTom to bring TomTom’s maps and traffic data across Microsoft’s cloud services. As part of the partnership, Microsoft announced that TomTom will become a leading location data provider for Microsoft Azure and Bing Maps.

It looks like Microsoft is finally ready to implement the announced partnership. Microsoft today announced that Bing Maps will be switching to TomTom for base map data for all the regions around the world except China, Japan and South Korea. Previously, Microsoft was using HERE’s base map data for these regions.

Microsoft first started gradually rolling out the new TomTom base map data to users and Microsoft first party products in March 2020. From today, Microsoft is transitioning the data for the Bing Maps Platform. Over the coming months, all Bing Maps Platform customers will be automatically migrated to TomTom’s mapping data.

Source: Microsoft