Microsoft Bing Chat will get one of the most-requested features in the “next few days”

May 8, 2023
Microsoft Bing

Microsoft CVP, Head of Engineering and Product for Bing, Jordi Ribas, on Twitter, has confirmed that Bing Chat will get one of the most-requested features in the next few days. According to Ribas’ Twitter handle, Bing Chat will be equipped with the ability to allow users to access chat history.

By giving users access to chat history, Microsoft will allow users to not only revisit their conversations with the AI chatbot but also pick up where they left off. This will allow you to resume the conversation and ask Bing to help you with additional queries regarding a topic you sought help with yesterday or the day before.

While the much-awaited chat history capability will benefit many people, it remains unclear how many days Bing will remember the conversation. It could store the chat history for up to a month or maybe less than that. Anything above a month is highly unlikely, given that Bing Chat is still in the testing phase, but we will see when Microsoft launches the chat history functionality.

The Microsoft executive has said that the chat history feature will be available in the next few days, so it is safe to assume that it could arrive either this week or by the end of next week.

As new features were added to Bing last week, Microsoft introduced multi-language support in image creator. You can now ask Bing Chat to generate images using over 100 languages. Previously, users could only request in English languages. Mind you, the image creator feature in Bing Chat is still limited to Creative Mode. Microsoft has also added improvements to formatting in Bing Chat, meaning you will now see better and more consistent use of bolding, bulleted lists, and tables when in Creative mode.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t tried Bing Chat yet, Microsoft now allows everyone to try the chatbot without joining the waitlist.

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