Microsoft: Bing Chat tone selectors now available to 90% of users

March 1, 2023

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Microsoft is working hard to bring new capabilities to the new ChatGPT-powered Bing Chat. The software giant recently started rolling out the ability to set the tone for the chat in Bing in phases. And now, the company seems to have almost completed the rollout of the tone selectors.

Microsoft has rolled out the ability to set tone chat tone to 90 percent of the users, according to Mikhail Parakhain, who is actively working on the new Bing at Microsoft. Parakhain has also said that the rest of the 10 percent of users will get the chat tone selectors today.

For those who do not know, Microsoft’s Bing Chat lets you select three tones (which Microsoft calls the “tri-toggle”): Creative, Balanced, and Precise. If you choose the Creative mode, Bing will show lengthy results, while Balanced means moderately long. Precise answers will be short and to the point.

In other Bing-related news, Microsoft recently launched Bing Chat v96 with a couple of improvements, including a “significant reduction in cases where Bing refuses to reply for no apparent reason” and “reduced instances of hallucination in answers.”

The new AI Bing continues to be in preview and remains exclusive to those who joined via the waitlist. However, the software giant will bring the new Bing experience to the general users as well in the coming months. The new Bing is also available for mobile users and Skype mobile app. The company will introduce the new AI Bing to more services in the future.

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