Microsoft Azure Synapse Link brings operational database services and analytics together in real-time


19, 2020

Azure Synapse Link

At Ignite 2019, Microsoft announced a limitless analytics service called Azure Synapse. Azure Synapse brought enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics together. Talking to customers, Microsoft noticed that they had difficulties in managing operational (transactional) data and analytical systems separately.

Historically, supporting hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP) workloads has been complex, costly and forced customers to make tradeoffs between transactional and analytical processing needs. They either had to over-provision expensive resources such as memory to support both analytics and transactions in a single system or maintain distinct systems.

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To solve this issue, Microsoft is today announcing Azure Synapse Link which brings operational database services and analytics together in real-time with a single click. Using this, customers can get insights from their real-time transactional data stored in their operational databases with a single click, without managing data movement or placing a burden on their operational systems.

Right now, Azure Synapse Link is now available in Azure Cosmos DB. Microsoft mentioned that Synapse Link will be available in other database services such as Azure SQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Database for MySQL and others in the future.

Source: Microsoft

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