Microsoft Azure Quantum now supports Qiskit and Cirq Python SDKs

October 11, 2021
Microsoft Quantum

Microsoft Quantum

Last week, Microsoft announced that Azure Quantum has added support for two major quantum Python SDKs allowing developers to directly submit quantum circuits built with Qiskit and Cirq. With this support, developers can easily explore quantum hardware in Azure Quantum. Developers can send their quantum circuits to Azure Quantum hardware partners like Honeywell Quantum Solutions and IonQ.

“We at Strangeworks are very excited by Azure Quantum’s efforts to extend their unique quantum services to the Python community. Developers working with Azure Quantum now have unprecedented optionality to work in both Q# and Python, and to leverage the strengths across many frameworks, including Qiskit and Cirq, within the Quantum Development Kit,” said Justin Youens, Founder and CTO of Strangeworks. “These latest enhancements strengthen our ongoing collaboration with Azure Quantum. Combined with their generous community credit program, Azure Quantum is a prime partner for quantum exploration.”

Source: Microsoft

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