Microsoft AutoGen allows developers to easily create complex LLM-based applications

September 28, 2023
Microsoft Research

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The usage of large language models (LLMs) is increasing day by day. Recently, Microsoft released a brand-new tool called AutoGen that will help developers create complex LLM-based applications. Creating complex LLM-based applications requires expertise to design, implement, and optimize a workflow. Microsoft AutoGen will help you automate these workflows. Using AutoGen framework, you can simplify the orchestration, optimization, and automation of LLM workflows.

According to Microsoft, AutoGen can be used to define agent interaction behaviors. Developers can use both natural language and computer code to program flexible conversation patterns for different applications. By automating chat among multiple LLM agents, developers can easily make them collectively perform tasks autonomously or with human feedback, including tasks that require using tools via code.

AutoGen serves as a generic infrastructure to build diverse applications of various complexities and LLM capacities.

Key features of Microsoft AutoGen:

  • AutoGen provides multi-agent conversation framework as a high-level abstraction. With this framework, one can conveniently build LLM workflows.
  • AutoGen offers a collection of working systems spanning a wide range of applications from various domains and complexities.
  • AutoGen supports enhanced LLM inference APIs, which can be used to improve inference performance and reduce cost.

You can read more about AutoGen here. You can explore code samples of AutoGen here.

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