Microsoft apparently very paranoid about Windows Phone 8 feature leaks



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imageMobile-Review reports that Microsoft has locked down Windows Phone 8 handsets and the OS delivered on them extremely tightly, even when given to OEMs, to the degree than even Samsung has not seen the full Windows Phone 8 feature set.

They write:

It is the first time as far as I can remember, that OEM prototypes are locked to special accounts inside Microsoft, and each device has its own activation key, tied to the unique number of each smartphone or tablet, and not an OEM employee. As far as security goes, Microsoft did an outstanding job – at IFA even those companies who allowed me to take a quick peek at their Windows Phone 8 devices said that most functions are blocked and are simply inaccessible. This was done at Microsoft – you press a menu and get a warning pop-up or nothing happens. It’s not because those functions are not there – it is because they [Microsoft] are not ready to show these functions even to partners. I do not remember such a draconian measures anywhere else – usually when you have a prototype, you can work with it. Some network/cloud functions might be absent or inaccessible – but you could check out what you have, more or less. Today, even people who work for OEMs do not really know what they have in Windows Phone 8, because they only learn about the platform from the same Microsoft presentations, but can not try all the features live. It is a unique situation, when OEMs are working on hardware, but have absolutely know influence on software. The hubs they are working on are in fact separate programs/apps, that do not interfere at all with the main functionality.

Up to now I believed we have seen 99% of the Windows Phone 8 features leaked already, but it seems Microsoft may still have a few surprises left over for us on the 5th.


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