Microsoft announces several new features for Bing web experience



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Microsoft today revealed new features for Bing desktop web experience. First, Microsoft is expanding the intelligent answers feature they launched last year. Intelligent answers displayed answers supported by multiple websites when you asked a question. Microsoft is now expanding the coverage in the US and the UK, and improving the experience by showing up to 5 websites that support the answer.

Second, Microsoft is making it simple to book hotels. When you search for hotels on Bing in a desired location, you can now click on one of the options to see a full-page experience which lists options by price, location, rating, and availability by date. It also offers an aggregated view of this across popular third party booking sites like Expedia and TripAdvisor. This feature is live in the US and the UK, and the users will get results for both domestic and many international locations.

Third, Microsoft is improving the weather experience. In addition to the usual forecast information, you can now see a live radar map for the city of your interest and links to your favorite weather sites. Bing also displays nearby cities’ forecasts and one for average temperature, rainfall, and snowfall.

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