Microsoft announces the new Microsoft Secure Blog

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Microsoft today announced the launch of their new Microsoft Secure Blog. This blog will share information about Microsoft products and services, as well as Microsoft’s perspective on industry trends, info from experts and a broad range of topics that interest readers.

Last November, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlined our new approach to cybersecurity — one that leverages Microsoft’s unique perspective on threat intelligence, informed by trillions of signals from billions of sources. This new approach integrates security into the platform and incorporates solutions from our partners. We invest more than $1 billion in R&D each year to advance our capabilities in all of these areas. The umbrella term we give those investments is Microsoft Secure.

With this fresh perspective, we’ve heard great feedback from our customers—and they’ve asked us to share more. So now is a great time to refresh the blog – with a new look and feel, and a new name: the Microsoft Secure Blog.

Check out the new Microsoft Secure blog here.