Microsoft Announces New Financial Reporting Capabilities In Windows Phone Dev Center


25, 2015


With Windows 10, Microsoft is working on a single Store and Dev Center experience across devices. Creating that single Store platform requires a wide range of updates and enhancements to their backend process and infrastructure in addition to the UI changes. Yesterday, they revealed few updates to their infrastructure related to payments and financial reporting that you may start to see rolling out.

  • Payout information will be shown using a cleaner, data-rich interface. Current proceeds and payments will show similar information as the current UI, with four tiles highlighting the most frequently-used summary information:
    1. Reserved – the money you earned and not yet available for payment.
    2. Upcoming payment – the amount you will be paid in the next payment run.
    3. Most recent payment – the amount and date of the last payment you received.
    4. Total paid to date – the total amount you’ve been paid since your first payment.
  • There is a new report listing the proceeds by app and in-app purchase
  • You will be able to view most recent and historical payouts, as well as attempted payments. Click on “View” to see the payment statement details.
  • Today’s payment transaction export is aggregated by app and market, and it’s generated a few weeks after you receive your payment. The new payment transaction export will be available 48 hours after remittance of your payment and contain detailed information including transaction date, time and amount.

Microsoft is piloting these changes in Windows Phone Dev Center and will roll out these changes to Windows Dev Center later.

Read more about it here.

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