Microsoft Announces navAero EFB Mount Accessory For Surface Pro 3, Enables Pilots To Connect It Directly To Power & Data Systems


24, 2014

Along with the announcement about Surface Pro 3 getting qualified for FAA and EASA authorization, Microsoft also announced the navAero EFB mount plugs Surface Pro 3 directly into a commercial airliner’s power and data systems through one secure connection point. navAero is now part of the Designed for Surface (DFS) accessory partner program and will build a mount that enables Surface Pro 3 to connect to onboard power and data systems in the cockpit.

Not just a paper replacement device, this new solution lets airlines enable a true connected cockpit experience and so much more. These mounts leverage the same single connection found on the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station – allowing Surface Pro 3 to plug directly into the plane’s electronics through a unique interface to provide simultaneous power, data and display connectivity through one simple connection. For pilots, this means added benefits such as automatic updates to navigational and operational content and access to critical real-time information like weather, wind and turbulence data. Pilots can also easily remove their Surface Pro 3 from the mount and use them as their laptop replacement outside the cockpit.

Microsoft also announced that Jeppesen’s industry-leading FliteDeck Pro application is available for Windows 8.1. This app allows pilots to view their digital charts side-by-side with other data such as gate information or real-time weather directly via Surface.

This solution distributes encrypted operational data and documents efficiently, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of navigational and operational information to pilots and other users. Jeppesen’s FliteDeck Pro 8.0 running on Surface Pro 3’s large 12” screen is well tailored for life in the cockpit. Touch-screen capability, real-time charting data from Jeppesen, and multiple-application split screen are just a few of the great features that pilots and flight crews can access to increase their job effectiveness.

Source: Surface blog

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